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Investor emotions part 2: Fear

Fear. We’ve all felt it at some point. The ominous sound of footsteps padding along behind you as you walk back from the pub in a provincial town at 2am on a Saturday night. The realisation that your evil mother-in-law is coming to dinner and you’ve forgotten the steak (not to mention the garlic and holy water). The awareness, halfway through a trans-Atlantic flight, that you’ve left the gas on. The soft ‘click’ as you wake up from your sleep-walk and realize that you’re standing naked in the hotel corridor and the door to your room has just locked itself. Fear. It’s that stomach-dropping, bowel-loosening moment when you realise that you’re about to suffer a deeply unpleasant experience...

posted on: Oct 30, 2007 | author: Alex

Investor emotions part 1: Greed

“Working nine to five, what a way to make a living”, sang Dolly Parton. She was right, too, although today it’s more like “Working nine to six with a twenty minute lunch break, plus the commute, and probably an hour’s unpaid overtime on top and I never get any thanks and my blood pressure’s too high and my back’s killing me and… what a way to make a living.” Either way, working for other people is, on the whole, not the surest route to early retirement on a yacht anchored in the sky-blue waters of the Med. What are the alternatives? Well, you could start your own company (which is hard work), rob a bank (which is not...

posted on: Oct 15, 2007 | author: Alex