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Why Become An Economist?


“What do economists successful? First and foremost they have got to be there to try to explain to policymakers and also to a certain extent to the general public and the business community, what it is that makes this of extraordinary miracle of a market economy work”. -Anatole Kaletsy

“I think the key professional responsibility like any other profession, is to tell it how it is not to tell people what they want to here or promote particular ideologies. But to do what you would expect a doctor or an engineer today and I use these kind analogies because these are the things that seem to me like economics or like economics ought, to be subjects that have a serious basis in academic disciplines. But are actually about practical things about helping people with the real problems that facing the world every day,” -John Kay

“The economics profession aspires to be expert and the guidance and control system for our society in our decisions deeply about allocating material resources, they have been very opinionated for many many years and they have acted as though they were entitled to that leadership”

The most recent episode economics profession failed to prescribe preventive medicine did not diagnosis crisis early on, and actually really has not diagnosis crisis at a cool even at this moment two years after is on set. What I would say is profession has a responsibility to explain what’s happening in the world in the helpless a social like a navigator with the icebergs in shoals we haven’t offered the job response” -Rob Johnson

“The obvious answer one says I shall many professions to try not to do any harm, famously what he said doctors should stop with that. Is difficult to define not doing harm in this case because the effects of economists theories, my recommendations, the diffuse some very difficult to measure. And you have to do your best you have to do your honest best, I think to my mind the the most important thing that economists have to be honest about is how little they understand.

They are dealing with, when I think over soon to be the most complex human system we know that perhaps, the most complicated system we know about you think about what is involved the world economy is all read-only really understand how it works. I think we made some genuine progress in the last two centuries do not really understand rather as doctors do not understand even less a hundred years ago, or so if we honestly admit giving advice and lots of things we don not understand we are doing our best and that this ignorant should to some degree.

This lack of certainty out the facts, about the relevant theories, about how the world based, stood and does informed the way give advice I think we will have gone a long way toward regaining the trust has been lost” -Martin Wolf.

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