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UEA Economics | Why Study Economics?


So the reason why i think its it makes a lot of sense to study economics is that
economics will will tell you will help you to understand how people companies governments entire country’s group of countries make decisions. decisions that involve benefits and costs decisions that have important outcomes important consequences for for the welfare lives of people, swat economics is about I think economics is a very valuable for thing tonight in many different ways for a star it’s a saves you a lot about how the world around us works and that’s not just in terms. if contemporary issues and current affairs.

It it reveals a lot you don’t realize about the world around you and I think you think in a different way and you can see things very differently and it gives you that different perspective which is very enlightening, in some of the way they have fun like so the way the because the locks and and things are lies it provides a very good explanation sums of microeconomic theory the way that resources are allocated on the wild to provide explanations for the way the resources to distribute I think that’s probably my opinion the most important thing but I think things I philosophy in politics in psychology also need to be incorporates. Well I it’s a look at the world and a full view but I think economic Stephanie is a discipline that can be used in his own right.

And everything that happening around the world is connected to economic phenomena and some say that he seemed to be seen on the sock when the skills to understand what’s happening on that in a world that he’s always more complex. second reason ease at the employability skills that since economics able to acquire which are so different from each other and still element for any kind of occupation they’re going to choose to enter into future and I think priestess mathematical and statistical skills that’s more than the world around us or presentation skills the capability to understand it psychology of individuals and now individuals interact with each other.

A students should serve economics because well if you read news you can find economics is one of the most important subject teen social signs and and abouts a big proportion of me in seeing the real life ivory DTT Tomic’s well if you study economics of course you don’t need to only listen to axe as well axe was told you can license these problems by yourself I’ve got to say is very practical last subject to study. economics is a release was subject for for many reasons and in hell she withdrew law skills such as managing money and and investments particularly and if you go that direction might invest somewhere am it also helps tone style of news reports and stories and by the economy and Millsap’s is not key skills I’m presentation skills and along with my so subjects as well.

If you study economics you will you will be taught you know that statistical methods she was good how to deal with large quantities of data this is what any employer needs you know any company any any agency any government’s Ministry a service that you know is looking for people can analyze data and make recommendations based on those insights analytical skills is also something you would be taught you know on how to sync iniki a coherent consistent way how to generate high-quality recommendations.

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