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Paying for the bailout by cutting police numbers


You know that £50 billion we gave the banks a while ago? Remember how it didn’t really make a blind bit of difference, and how the government said: “Oh OK then, here, have another £500 billion – just please for god’s sake start giving people mortgages again so we can re-ignite the housing boom and push property prices back up to insanely disproportionate levels and keep our disastrous economy plodding along just long enough for us to stand a cat’s chance in hell of scraping back into power at the next election?”

You probably didn’t get too angry about that – maybe you just thought that the government would conjour the money up from somewhere and it wouldn’t really make much difference to you in the long run. And we wouldn’t blame you, after all, who really knows how much money the government’s got and how it shuffles it all around? Is £500 billion even that much money by government standards?

Here’s your answer: all of that money has to come from somewhere because despite the massive economic boom we enjoyed over the paste decade or so, the government coffers are running on empty – we simply didn’t save any money during the good times. Either taxes have to be increased, or public spending has to be cut from somewhere else in order to find the money for these bailouts. So when you hear that police forces across the UK will have tomake officers redundant because of funding cuts, are you angry now?

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