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Debt-ridden middle classes are stupid and greedy


So, despite enjoying a decade of prosperity in one of the world’s richest countries, it seems the British middle classes have suddenly found themselves mired in debt and are struggling to make ends meet. It’s easy to be at least a little sympathetic to skint people who have over extended themselves and perhaps lived a bit beyond their means – let’s face it, if you’re utterly broke and the banks are stupid enough to throw money at you without asking too many questions, you’d have to be made of stone to resist.

But if you happen to be an educated middle class professional and already lead a comfortable life with a good income, what possible excuse can you have for digging yourself so far into debt that you can no longer make ends meet, except greed and stupidity? Perhaps now might be time to sell the second home and (the horror, the horror!) consider downgrading the 4×4 to something a little more economical?

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